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When you speak English

In conversations

Do people ask you to repeat yourself?

On the telephone

Do people misunderstand you?

In groups

Are presentations difficult for you?


If this describes you, then "TOEIC Pronunciation in American English"is your tool for improvement.

This multi-media program improves pronunciation skills for students and professionals at the intermediate level and above. The CD has over 68 interactive lessons and practices with:

• Video Presentations
-to introduce the concepts.
• Audio Lessons
-to model the pronunciation.
• Written Activities
-to reinforce the practices.
• Record and Playback
-to encourage practice/self correction.
• Workbook
-printable versions of all lessons and practices.
• Pre and Post assessment
-audio files saved for comparison.

Perfect for:
• Language Lab Settings
-individualized self/paced learning.
• Self Study
-at home or at work
• Pronunication course
-integrated for self-practice with instructor guidance.
• Distance Learning
-saved sound files can be submitted for review and feedback.
This program provides a unique focus on how to identify and use the most important elements of pronunciation -
stress, intonation and rhythm.


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