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  Environmental Testing Lab

Inductively coupled plasma/optical emission spectrometry (ICP/OES) is a powerful tool for the determination of metals in a variety of different sample matrices. It is a trace-level, elemental analysis technique that uses the emission spectra of a sample to identify, and quantify the elements (metals) present. Up to 79 elements can be determined simultaneously in a single sample analysis. Instrument is suitable to automation, thus enhancing accuracy, precision and throughput. With this technique, liquid samples are injected into a radiofrequency (RF)-induced argon plasma using one of a variety of nebulizers or sample introduction techniques. The sample mist reaching the plasma is quickly dried, vaporized, and energized through collision excitation at high temperature. The atomic emission emanating from the plasma is viewed in either a radial or axial configuration, collected with a lens or mirror, and imaged onto the entrance slit of a wavelength selection device.

  Trace analysis of environmental samples like Air, water & waste water, soil, sludge and Hazardous waste material etc.

  Trace analysis of food and drink samples.

  Trace metal analysis of any material that can be digested into an aqueous matrix.


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