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Support Services

Mantec provides Technical Support and Customer Support services out of State of the Art facilities located near New Delhi, India, which is the capital of the country and well connected with the latest technology internet access and fiber optics. We offer custom tailored support services whether it is 24x7 support or 5x8 support as per customer requirement. The main delivery methods are email or chat based in which email responses are normally returned to the customer within a 24 hour period but can be arranged to be responded within 6 to 8 hours as well. Chat based support offers the customer real time, immediate and interactive assistance for any problem.
Mantec offers you several compelling reasons to pick its service center and service offerings in India over any other in India or USA:
Agent Quality

We hand pick agents from the top colleges and Universities in India. Just the New Delhi area has over 20 colleges and Universities to choose from. Our retention rates are very high due to the numerous incentives and bonus programs we offer our agents for good quality work.

Short lead time

Mantec has a dedicated full time HR division that continuously interviews and maintains a solid database of qualified talent in various skill sets which speeds up the recruiting process and proves to be very advantageous for starting or ramping up an operation for any client covering any type of support. We also have high speed internet access in place keeping extra bandwidth for immediate allocation to a new project along with the ability to double our bandwidth in a days time. Normal lead times are 3-4 weeks for taking an operation live. By joining our QuickLaunch program the customer can get its operation live with us in 2 weeks or less.

Quality Assurance Process

Mantec's management staff has been in international IT project management in USA and India since 1994 and has tremendous experience for managing projects with top quality. Our quality check and redundancy programs will ensure that your support is always live and being performed in accordance with the quality standards promised to you and your customers.


Each agent is put through a rigorous internal training program which sharpens their internet skills and American English skills. We have a dedicated staff that is in charge of training the new recruits before they are assigned to a customer project. We then train the agents in the project specific product or knowledge areas required by you the customer.

The Local Touch

Mantec's US office is staffed to provide you with local reach for communication regarding any issues, reviews or new project planning. For Mantec the customer comes first and we leave no effort in ensuring your satisfaction.


Our facilities in India are State of the Art with the latest computers, high speed internet access (with redundancy), power backup and generators for providing continuous power and up time. We even have redundancy in location with a Disaster Management plan for every location.


Here is the best part--We offer you all the above while saving you a bundle of money compared to what you are currently spending in a US based support center. All this with the assurance that the quality will be equal or better than what you have, make it an easy choice to outsource your technical support or customer service requirements to Mantec and then sit back to enjoy excellent service and cost savings.


Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Arvinder S Brara (B.E., M.B.A.)
Chairman and Managing Director
805 Vishal Bhavan, 95 Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Phone: 91-11-26429294/5/6
Fax: 91-11-26842531
Email us: [email protected]

USA affiliate

Mantec International, LLC
5 Rue Delacroix, Coto De Caza
California 92679
Ish Brara (B.E., MBA)
Email us: [email protected]
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