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Human Resource Development

The broad range of services offered by mantec include executive search and selection, tailor made training programmes for both in company and outside participants. Job evaluation and position descriptions, personnel remuneration plans, organisational structure studies, personal counselling, corporate personnel and industrial relations consultancy, organisational development techniques, senior management seminars. Developing training modules for specific requirements, organising special courses in management and technical areas. This division of mantec is a member of msl international's worldwide network and undertakes overseas assignments in association with them. For further information please click any of the following.

Recruitment Types

we undertake executive recruitment by adopting one or more of the following methods as required:
(a) data bank selection
(b) advertised selection
(c) executive search / head hunting
we follow a comprehensive approach for recruitment as per the client's requirements. We undertake advertised selection and supplement the response through our data bank as also search suitable candidates in a well planned and thorough manner.

Methodology and Coverage

  • Thoroughly understand from the client the requirement in terms of management, organisation, job requirement, qualifications, age & experience, work location, remuneration range etc., for the different personnel to be recruited.
  • Check up from our personnel inventory files to see if suitable applicants are available.
  • In case suitable candidates cannot be located from our files, draft a suitable advertisement with estimates of costs for the client's approval. Alternatively consider doing executive search for the specific requirements.
  • If required release the appropriate advertisement expeditiously and screen the applications received for shortlisting candidates for the preliminary interview.
  • Put up a suitable list of thoroughly screened candidates for the final interview to be held in conjunction with the client.
  • As a matter of course, check the reference of the selected candidates and their bio-datas for authenticity.
  • In addition to the normal selection procedure, approach good candidates confidentially and privately on the client's behalf to ensure that the best selection is made within the means available.
  • Validate the selection process by conducting the 20 personality factors psychometric tests for the final two or three shortlisted candidates to ensure appropriate selections on internationally accepted and proven methodologies.


Mantec undertakes outplacement services for the personnel rendered surplus in an organisation with a view to rehabilitate them either by finding suitable jobs for them or by assisting them in starting up their own business.


  • Group meeting & discussion
  • Individual assessment & counselling
  • Bio-data preparation
  • Interview skills
  • Training and development needs
  • Recommendations to prospective employers


Mantec conducts tailor made training programmes for both in company and outside participants . It has the expertise to develop training modules for specific requirements. The details of some of the training programmes conducted in the past are as under:

Rolls royce industrial power (india) kakinada

Title - supervisory skills and individual efficacy
Topics covered
  • Role of a manager / supervisor
  • Development of subordinates
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effective team working
  • Managerial effectiveness
  • Dos and donts of decision making
  • Communication and productivity
  • Transactional analysis & time management
  • How to get agreement

Engineers india ltd.

Title - business process reengineering
Topics covered
  • Corporate planning
  • Human resource management - leadership dimension
  • Re-engineering process
  • Restructuring

Usha international limited

Title - effective selling skills
Topics covered
  • Initial benefit statements
  • Probing techniques
  • Handling objections
  • Support and proving statements
  • Closing techniques

Psychometric Testing

We use 20 personality factors (pf) psychometric test for validating selection of candidates. This test is used worldwide by multinational and prospective organisations to validate the selection process. Some of the basic traits/factors included in the 20 pf test are adaptability, competitiveness, enthusiasm, leadership, stress absorption, etc.

There are 147 objective type questions based on the 20 traits which the candidate has to answer in 'yes' or 'no' within a given time frame. These answers are then analysed with the help of a special software programme to provide the score of various traits to determine the overall performance indicator of the candidate.

The test further helps to give a deeper understanding of the candidate's personality traits enabling the organisation to guide, train & manage him better. It also helps to avoid recruiting people who apparently look good during the interview but their psychological, emotional and mental capabilities are in conflict.

This is a tool which we encourage our clients to use so that the final choice is made by reviewing the test results of the 2 or 3 shortlisted candidates for each position. This tool can also be used to assess and develop existing employees on a scientific and reliable basis.

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