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Should your business be on the Web?

If your business is strictly local, and your customers are mostly local people, then you will only benefit from Internet users in your immediate area. There is a real advantage advertising in terms of customers and communications (as well as the image-building aspect of being on the Web). For example, book stores, music stores, and gourmet food shops have all used the Web to good effect. You must determine whether any of your present customers are the type who may be using the Internet. In this area, they usually are.

If you do business with people outside your locale (or would like to) then for you the Web may be an extremely promising medium. National and regional companies, visitor and tourist-oriented companies, as well as any company involved in high tech, telecommunications, software, mail order or specialized products or services are prime candidates for obtaining a whole new source of ready, willing and anxious customers by advertising on the World Wide Web.

A Web site may be also a very good place to disseminate product information, to announce new products, to answer frequently-asked questions, and simply build or maintain a national corporate image.

The Web is, in addition, a good place for charitable and political organizations to set up shop. The Web is an extremely flexible and powerful medium with which to make a point. Pages may be updated continuously, and can employ video and audio, as well as striking graphics. With a few keyboard strokes pages can be linked to other organizations, or to government information sites; the ability to point your visitors directly to source material is a persuasive tactic that has no equal in any other medium.

There are many other possibilities, of course. For example, the cost of maintaining a small web site is so low that writers, artists, musicians, and other professionals who wish to maintain a world-wide presence can easily do so. Even an outboard repair shop might be a good candidate for a Web page, if the owner specializes in collectable antique motors and hard-to-find parts. If you can imagine a way in which the Web might help your business, it may be worth a try.

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Network Consulting Services

Mantec has the knowledge and experience to solve your networking and security needs. We will take care of your requirements - small businesses, large companies, home users - we tailor the solutions for your environment. We will work with your platforms - Microsoft or Unix based - to streamline and simplify your tasks.

Systems Analysis - We will come in and help you clean up your systems and get them working properly. We give you architectures that you can manage and understand.

Security - We are very well versed in internet and host based security measures to secure your systems and networks. We give you a clear understanding of what you need.

Checkpoint Firewall - We are experts on the setup and installation of Checkpoint FW-1 based systems, helping you to manage and understand them.

DNS - We will setup and show you how to take care of your Domain Name Servers based on any BIND version you may be running, and automate their operation.

Design Services

We are well versed on website design and have done many sites of every variety imaginable. We will work with you to get the design and look you want. We can take your exists materials and graphics and create an appealing web site, for you or your company. We can also do original designs of unique sites, incorporating the latest design techniques. We use the most current graphics editing and image scanning systems available. Let us create your web presence today!


We program in the computer languages you need to get your unique tasks done on the internet. We will develop PHP,Visual Basic, C, Perl, Unix shell, Java, and other programs to meet your needs. Need a unique shopping cart for your site....ask us! We have been through it many times and can do your job in a timely manner with solid results.

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