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Based on the considerable project development and management experience of Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mantec Health Care Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1985 as Mantec's Group Company with the objectives of providing comprehensive and integrated services in the field of hospitals and health care. Over a short period of time, the company has developed special expertise in planning, designing, implementation and management of hospitals and health care projects with latest equipment and facilities.

The company also has access to the vast expertise and infrastructure of leading international associates in the field of hospital planning and management such as Vamed Engineering, Austria, Hospital Corporation International, USA, Fabricom S.A., Belgium and Charter Medical Corporation, USA.


1. Programming and Design Phase:

» Regional and local health requirement studies
  • (a) Estimated demand
  • (b) Defined Requirements
  • (c) Determining space and equipment
  • (d) Schematic physical solution
  • (e) Estimated solution

» Feasibility studies
  • (a) Site analysis
  • (b) Market demand
  • (c) Medical performance objectives
  • (d) Medical standards
  • (e) Schematic design
  • (f) Technical systems
  • (g) Staff requirements
  • (h) Operating costs
  • (i) Financing and economic evaluation

» Concept design
  • (a) Fundamental project data
  • (b) Performance standards
  • (c) Plans, sections and elevations

» Detailed engineering
  • (a) Final design and specifications for architectural and interior
  • (b) Structural
  • (c) Mechanical
  • (d) Electrical
  • (e) Medical and non-medical equipment

» Tender documents
  • (a) Tender conditions
  • (b) General conditions of contract
  • (c) Construction plans and details necessary for bidding
  • (d) Specifications for buildings, materials, technical and medical installations, interior, finishing, furniture and non-medical equipment as well as site installations, external works and landscaping
  • (e) Bill of quantities
  • (f) Time schedule for implementation

» Tender evaluation
  • (a) Checking of the bids
  • (b) Assessment of contractors pricing
  • (c) Final tender report

2. Procurement Services for Material and Equipment:

  • (a) Selection of complete medical and non-medical equipment on technoeconomical basis, free from manufacturer's and national interests
  • (b) Erection and installation supervision
  • (c) Commissioning
  • (d) Guarantee & spare parts recommendations and maintenance service

3. Construction Supervision:

  • (a) Approval of drawings and specifications
  • (b) Monitoring of construction and installation works
  • (c) Inspection and approval of medical and non-medical equipment
  • (d) Time and progress monitoring
  • (e) Site diary and monthly progress reports

4. Hospital Operation and Maintenance:

  • (a) Elaboration of organisational structure, the functional work flows, financial feasibility and budget preparation
  • (b) Recruitment assistance
  • (c) Training of operation and maintenance personnel
  • (d) Development of the basic concept of maintenance and operation and definition of major management functions
  • (e) Planning, preparation, coordination and supervision of start-up of hospital operation and maintenance
  • (f) Control of operation, maintenance and financial feasibility

5. Project financing:

  • (a) Soft loans
  • (b) Commercial credits
  • (c) Export credits
  • (d) Other means of mobilisation of finance

5. Hospital Management Services

We, in cooperation with our associates, are in a position to cater for all hospital management functions and provide expert personnel and training.

  • » Escorts Heart Institute & Research centre, New Delhi (Implementation, commissioning and operational effectiveness done by Lt. Gen (Dr) J M Grover (Retd), Director, Mantec Health Care Services Pvt Ltd).
  • » Artificial Limb and Rehabilitation Centre, Lucknow with 100 bedded hospital ( Implemented from concept to commissioning by Brig (Dr) N S Brara (Retd), Director, Mantec Health Care Services Pvt Ltd).
  • » Jaipur Golden Trust Charitable Hospital, Delhi ( Architectural design & supervision of construction done by Mr Anil Trehan).
  • » 3 M Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal (Preinvestment feasibility report and detailed project documentation for getting financial loan approval prepared by Mantec).
  • » Kabliji Hospital and Rural Health Centre, Gurgaon, Haryana (Expansion implemented under the direction of Brig (Dr) N S Brara (Retd), Lt. Gen (Dr) J M Grover (Retd) and Mr Anil Trehan. Recently a new modern operation theatre has been commissioned in the hospital. The hospital is now being managed and run by Lt Gen (Dr) J M Grover (RETD)).
  • » Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Delhi (Mantec Health Care Services Pvt Ltd are advisors for its effective construction and implementation).

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Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Arvinder S Brara (B.E., M.B.A.)
Chairman and Managing Director
805 Vishal Bhavan, 95 Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Phone: 91-11-26429294/5/6
Fax: 91-11-26842531
Email us: [email protected]

USA affiliate

Mantec International, LLC
5 Rue Delacroix, Coto De Caza
California 92679
Ish Brara (B.E., MBA)
Email us: [email protected]