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Mantec Resources

Mantec is a recognized leader in contact center support from India. We have been in business for over 20 years. Mantec's client list includes many Fortune 1000 companies, like Microsoft, Boeing, Caterpillar, Ford and Rolls Royce. We are able to provide outstanding customer service and technical support to your customers with an absolutely unbeatable price. One reason why Mantec is able to provide an un-matched quality of service is through superior agent selection and retention. Each of our agents has obtained a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. In addition, many of our employees have obtained Master's degrees as well. With a highly educated workforce your customers receive highly educated answers to their questions. Your customers are able to receive the correct answer to their question the first time, which eliminates the need for repeat contact, thus lowering your support cost and increasing customer satisfaction. Our contact center is located near New Delhi, the capital of India, which is an internationally booming hub for Technology and Support Services. There are approximately 20 colleges and universities in and around New Delhi, giving Mantec a nice base for educated English speaking talent suitable for employment in our contact center.

Mantec, while providing unprecedented support for several clients, has set numerous standards when it comes to customer support. During part of the time that Bluelight.com was slashing previous Internet records and becoming the fastest growing ISP in the world, Mantec provided their technical support. Not only did Bluelight.com set records in their industry for the fastest growing ISP, they also received a rating of number one in customer service by Epinions. Mantec also provides support for many of Netscape's web products. Mantec has helped create the current knowledge base used to support Netscape's products. In today's world you must be able to handle changes in business quickly and efficiently, and Mantec does just that. Mantec has been able to provide this outstanding customer support while handling high volumes of incidents. No matter what your requirements are, Mantec can provide you superior customer support at an affordable price.

At Mantec we understand today's business market and how important it is to exceed our customer's expectations. Mantec's state-of-the-art contact center has the latest equipment and the staff to provide top quality support to your customers. Mantec's management staff has been involved with international IT project management in United States and India since 1997 and has tremendous experience in managing projects with exceptional quality for US customers. The ability to easily scale the size of our contact center operations allows us to expand to meet the ever-changing needs of your existing customers and supporting your increasing customer base.

Mantec has developed a rigorous training program that refines technician's language skills, technical abilities, troubleshooting skills, and customer service skills. With a full time staff dedicated to training we are able to offer ongoing training to provide the most up to date information to technicians and to ensure that the best quality of service is being offered to your customers at all times.

Management Team & Key Personnel

The Mantec top management team has been educated both in India and the U.S. with decades of experience helping American companies successfully do business in India. Mantec management has a thorough understanding of what American companies want in a successful relationship with a business partner and vendor. Our Operations Managers are carefully selected and have excellent experience in their fields. With top-notch management comes top-notch service. Here are some of our management profiles so that you could see what we mean:
Arvinder (ARI) S. Brara, Chief Executive Officer

Ari is an engineer from India and has an MBA from the U.S. He has worked for several leading companies in India and for Xerox Corporation in the U.S. before starting a Human Resource and Technology Consulting company by the name of Mantec Consultants in 1979 in India. His 33 Years of experience includes:

» Project Management
» Recruitment & Training
» Facilitating various India operations for Multinationals
» Contact Center Operations

Ari has authored a book on Management titled "Practical Guide to Managing People" Published by Prentice Hall, in the U.S. and by Taraporewalla in India. He is a member of various organizations such as: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Institution of Engineers India, All India Management Association, American Management Association and the American Business Honor Society. He is an active member of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce.

Ish S. Brara, President

Ish is an Electrical Engineer, Summa Cum Laude, from Kansas State University and an MBA from the Peter Drucker School of Management, Claremont, California. He has 5 years of experience as a member of the technical staff at Loral Electro Systems in Pomona, California. Ish has served as the Central Applications Engineer supporting the Field Sales staff and internal sales staff at Bell Industries. His last position was as Vice President (International) for American Technologies Group before becoming responsible for Mantec's U.S. Operations based in California. Ish has been in charge of facilitating and coordinating IT operations for US companies in India since the last 4 years.

Brigadier S.S. Anand, Director (India)

Brigadier S. S. Anand is a Graduate and Civil Engineer with specialized training with Sir Alexander Gibbs of U.K., heads Mantec Recruitment Division. He is a Qualified Lead Assessor of ISO 9000 QMS. His 34 years of varied experience includes: » Recruitment of IT personnel
» Developing & Conducting Training Programs
» Human Resource Management
» Implementing ISO 9000 compliance QMS for reputed international organizations.

Michael Monsive, Sales & Training

Michael Monsive with six years managerial experience for such companies as Firestone, United Parcel Service and DecisionOne, brings a wide variety of experience to the table. He has been recognized numerous times for outstanding sales and leadership skills. Michael has been a scholar of many widely recognized leadership programs throughout the U.S. The last two years he has focused on the technology industry and more importantly designing and implementing contact center training programs to ensure top-notch support by the agents. He has obtained numerous certifications including MCSE, MCP, MCP+Internet, A+ and TIA/EIA Cat 5.

Account Management

We will have a specific account manager assigned to Billing Concepts on site in India. The account manager would be available to Billing Concepts at any time and would have full authority to ensure complete satisfaction and have full access to top management in Mantec should a situation arise which needs to be discussed urgently. Our Business office in the United States is available for local communication and contract negotiations. The US office is staffed on a full time basis and will interface with the India operations as required and is responsible for ensuring your satisfaction at all times.

Quality Control and Assurance

Mantec is a high quality oriented company, which believes in exceeding customer expectations, not just meeting them. Quality Assurance is a key part of Mantec's offering. We have procedures in place in order to meet or exceed quality and SLA requirements for the projects we maintain.

Quality starts with selecting the right people and is maintained through quality procedures and proper training.

We maintain the monitoring of the agents work, have internal meetings to update agent knowledge, and provide feedback on a weekly basis (or more frequently as required).

We have a 2-tier process to check and maintain quality of output to the end user: First, there is team leader for every 8-10 agents on staff who are more experienced and assist the individual agents as required. Second, there are project leaders over the team leaders who are available in every shift and are responsible for the smooth working of the project during the shift. We have separate quality control supervisors on every shift that oversees the quality of work occurring during the shift and perform spot checks and call monitoring of agent responses at random.

We encourage holding conference calls with the client at predetermined intervals to review the project, quality, and address any open issues on both sides to ensure customer satisfaction and project success at all times.


Mantec expects the client to provide initial training on the specific product or service to be supported. Once initial training has been received, Mantec's trainers handle new agent as well as ongoing training internally. Mantec is committed to proper training and has an internal training program, in addition to the product specific training, which we continually sharpen agents customer service skills. For telephone support representatives we have a program of training in American English for accent and knowledge of the American language. Every new agent hired goes through an intensive 3-week training program covering listening skills, telephone etiquette, customer care, voice tone and accent training etc. An in-depth example of our training agenda can be provided at your request.

The Mantec Advantage

Mantec offers numerous compelling reasons to work with us for providing excellent support to your customers from our facilities in India:
» Stability & Track Record: Mantec has been around for over 2 decades unlike a lot of startups in the support services industry. With Mantec you are not dealing with a fly by night or brand new operation, but with a company that is stable and has an excellent track record. Mantec has been around long enough to be very mindful and responsive of its reputation in exceeding customer expectations.
» Superior Agent Quality: We are very selective in the agents we hire. We look for people skills and quality orientation along with the technical skills required. Every one of our agents has a bachelor's degree and one year of IT experience or certification at a minimum. Some agents have Master's degrees and MBA's as well. In addition, many agents have other certifications like MCSE, MCD, etc. With better educated agents come better educated answers. This leads to more first time resolutions and higher customer satisfaction.
» State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology from reputable suppliers. In addition, we offer 2 and 3 tier backup systems for every aspect to ensure continuous workflow under all circumstances.
» In-depth Industry experience: Mantec has an outstanding track record in the IT services area. More specifically, Mantec has in depth experience in the Support Services area by providing support for many reputable U.S. companies.
» Commitment to customer satisfaction: We have received emails of appreciation from end users and letters of appreciation from our customers. To view some of the emails received from customers, please visit the following URL: www.mantecinternational.com/appreciations.
» Indo-US Management Team: Our Management team understands the inter-workings and cultures in both countries and knows how to ensure the proper quality of output from India to satisfy customers in the U.S.
» Highly trained staff and commitment to ongoing training: Mantec insists that a major emphasis be placed on training and ongoing skills enhancement for our agents. We understand the American culture and have trainers in both the U.S. and India. We use a language training program, AmEnglish, to enhance the comprehension and pronunciation skills of our agents in India. English is the working language in India, and we only hire agents that possess excellent conversational etiquette and control. This ensures that the quality of service your customers receive is very high and your customers are very satisfied with the support received.
» Competitive pricing: Mantec is able to offer the absolute best price for high quality support services from our contact center in India. The cost savings are an added bonus to the outstanding quality of service your customers receive.
» Mantec's Human Resource and Project divisions: The support that Mantec receives from its Human Resource and Projects division enables Mantec to start new projects and adjust staffing levels very quickly and effectively compared to other organizations
» The Local Touch: Mantec offers the benefits of the Indian market with a local touch for US customers. Mantec's U.S. offices offer the same time zone communication with clients in the U.S. and offers easy access for knowledge transfer and customer service to ensure complete satisfaction of our U.S. based customers.
» Corporate quality goal: Mantec's goal is to exceed all expectations of the client and provide the absolute best customer service and technical support in the contact center industry for your customers. We want to create the best marketing possible for our client…word of mouth. We want our clients to obtain new business everyday because someone who we helped told a friend about the excellent service they received.


Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Arvinder S Brara (B.E., M.B.A.)
Chairman and Managing Director
805 Vishal Bhavan, 95 Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Phone: 91-11-26429294/5/6
Fax: 91-11-26842531
Email us: [email protected]

USA affiliate

Mantec International, LLC
5 Rue Delacroix, Coto De Caza
California 92679
Ish Brara (B.E., MBA)
Email us: [email protected]