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Information Technology

"Mantec provides IT, ITES and business process outsourcing (BPO) services including software development, data conversion as well as running inbound and outbound contact and call centers for US and other foreign clients exceeding client expectations through innovations and creativity..Dun and Bradstreet has recognised Mantec as one of the top ITes and BPO companies in India and Mantec has received many appreciation letters from its clients which are available on request"

Article in Siliconindia.com About Mantec (Click to open)

Business Process Outsourcing - BPO

Business process outsourcing (BPO), A step beyond IT outsourcing is increasingly becoming the strategic choice of companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving their service quality, increasing shareholder value and focusing on their core business capabilities. As organizations around the world strive to improve the quality of their processes while managing their bottomlines, Business Process Outsourcing has become the new imperative. With proven program management skills and ability to integrate technology with business processes makes us your natural choice as BPO partner. With a comprehensive menu of BPO services across a range of functions — including claims processing, invoicing, human resources and payroll, finance, procurement and customer support, Mantec can offer various services like Customer Service Help line, Sales Support Help line, Technical Support, Query handling, Helpdesk services, on-line Credit and billing problems, Tele Marketing, Lead generation and follow up, Data Capture, Data Verification, Debt collection and Subscription Renewal, Email management, Web chat, Web call back, Web collaboration browsing and much more. Mantec is already providing BPO services to many clients, generating significant revenues. As our BPO offerings grow, we commit to bringing operational excellence to reengineer your business processes for optimal service, quality and cost. read more...

Web Development

If your business is strictly local, and your customers are mostly local people, then you will only benefit from Internet users in your immediate area. There is a real advantage advertising in terms of customers and communications (as well as the image-building aspect of being on the Web). For example, book stores, music stores, and gourmet food shops have all used the Web to good effect. You must determine whether any of your present customers are the type who may be using the Internet. In this area, they usually are. read more...

Network Consulting Services

Mantec has the knowledge and experience to solve your networking and security needs. We will take care of your requirements - small businesses, large companies, home users - we tailor the solutions for your environment. We will work with your platforms - Microsoft or Unix based - to streamline and simplify your tasks.

Systems Analysis - We will come in and help you clean up your systems and get them working properly. We give you architectures that you can manage and understand.

Security - We are very well versed in internet and host based security measures to secure your systems and networks. We give you a clear understanding of what you need.

Checkpoint Firewall - We are experts on the setup and installation of Checkpoint FW-1 based systems, helping you to manage and understand them.

DNS - We will setup and show you how to take care of your Domain Name Servers based on any BIND version you may be running, and automate their operation.

Software Development

Mantec International has a software development center in Northern India where software development work is done for US companies in a high quality, cost effective manner. Typically the cost of having the work done through Mantec is half to one-third of what it would normally cost in the United States. Mantec delivers cutting–edge technology solutions to Internet startups, e–businesses and large enterprises around the globe. read more...

Contact Center

Mantec provides Technical Support and Customer Support services out of State of the Art facilities located near New Delhi, India, which is the capital of the country and well connected with the latest technology internet access and fiber optics. We offer custom tailored support services whether it is 24x7 support or 5x8 support as per customer requirement. The main delivery methods are email or chat based in which email responses are normally returned to the customer within a 24 hour period but can be arranged to be responded within 6 to 8 hours as well. Chat based support offers the customer real time, immediate and interactive assistance for any problem. read more...

Medical Billing Services

Mantec consultants Pvt Ltd. have been providing BPO and Call Center services for over 10 years . Dun & Bradstreet has recognized Mantec Consultants as one of India's top ITeS and BPO companies. Mantec has on it's board and it's senior management qualified Doctors and experts who understand Medical Billing and Health Care services to be provided with the primary focus to speed up the Medical billing process and increase the collections. read more...

Market Research Services

Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in online market research through Outbound and Inbound US calling since long. Outbound US calling includes online surveys and interviews to understand the problems and financial needs of the US customers and help them to provide correct and cost effective solutions. On the basis of past market research data, our experts guide customers to choose better payment plans through credit/debit cards that provide best value for money. We also gather useful data through personal interaction which is used to study consumer behavior for better customer service and satisfaction. read more...

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Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Arvinder S Brara (B.E., M.B.A.)
Chairman and Managing Director
805 Vishal Bhavan, 95 Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Phone: 91-11-26429294/5/6
Fax: 91-11-26842531
Email us: [email protected]

USA affiliate

Mantec International, LLC
5 Rue Delacroix, Coto De Caza
California 92679
Ish Brara (B.E., MBA)
Email us: [email protected]