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Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been a pioneer in introducing, first time in India, latest technologies and services in various fields.


Mantec Consultants is Technical Associate of Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies, USA (www.lockheedmartin.co.in), a global security company.

WindTracer Doppler Lidar®

Wintracer is used in Aviation for the benefit of the safety of Aircrafts and its passengers with increased efficiency of the Airports by detecting Wind speed, Wind direction, Wind Hazards (Wind Shear, Wake Vortex, Microburst etc.) on real time basis.


WindProspector is a tool/equipment which helps Wind Farm developers to accurately select the location where they can put their new Wind Farm and individual turbines to get the optimum use of available wind to generate maximum Wind Energy.


Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. are Exclusive Technical Associates for Oil Spill Response equipment representing the following:

  • Mavi Deniz, Turkey:

    (www.mavideniz.com.tr) - Mavi Deniz design, manufacture and supply wide variety of state-of-the-art oil spill response equipment and systems to provide high-quality spill response service for all types of pollution ranging from small localised oil spills to large spills on the open sea or on land such as Boom, Skimmer, OSD Applicator, Oil Spill Dispersant, Flex Barge, Current Buster Boom, Sorbent Boom Pack, Sorbent pads, Shoreline cleanup equipment- Mini Vaccum pumps/ OSD Applicator/ Fast Tanks, Workboats, Tugs etc. Please see their website www.mavideniz.com.tr for further details.
  • Kepner Plastics Fabricators, USA:

    (www.kepnerplastics.com) - Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc. is a corporation founded under the laws of the State of California in 1961 to expand the partnership which had preceded it for about five years. During the next ten years, the Company grew and became well known in industrial circles as one of the outstanding custom plastic fabricators in the world, making literally thousands of different, specialized products for industry and government. Included in the development period were new products for pollution control starting with Kepner fabricated and installed pond liners as early as 1958. Kepner Plastics Fabricators are offering most modern pollution control equipment. Kepner Plastics is leader in creative engineering, design, development and manufacture of high quality SeaCurtain™, SeaVac™ and SeaContainer™ Oil Spill Containment, Cleanup and Storage equipment as well as custom fabrications. Please see their website www.kepnerplastics.com for further details.
  • Darcy Spillcare Manufacture, UK:

    (www.darcy.co.uk) - Darcy is a leading UK manufacturer of spill control, spill containment and liquid bunded storage products including absorbents, spill kits, drum sump pallets, bunded liquid and secure drum storage and drain blockers that prevent the spread of industrial oil, chemical and hazardous liquid spills from polluting the environment. Our principal Darcy Spillcare Manufacture, UK has been working in this field with Essar Oil (UK) Ltd., British Petroleum, GB Oils, ESSO Petroleum etc. Please see their website www.darcy.co.uk for further details.
  • Adler and Allan Group, UK:

    (www.adlerandallan.co.uk) - Adler and Allan Limited based in UK is a large International firm who are pioneers in oil spill response services and consultancy for the onshore and inshore marine oil industry and specialise in Tier-1, 2, and 3 Oil Spill Response services. They provide Oil Spill Response services for high pressure oil and gas pipeline network for large companies such as ExxonMobil, Total, Fina, and BPA (British Pipeline Agency) to name a few. Please see their website www.adlerandallan.co.uk for further details.
  • Megator, UK:

    (www.megator.co.uk) - For over sixty years, Megator have manufactured a range of positive displacement pumps, suction strainers, oil water separators, oil skimmers and oil dispersant spray systems that have continually exceeded our customers expectations for quality and reliability. Please see their website www.megator.co.uk for further details.

We have supplied the Oil Spill Response products and services of these companies to various clients in India, Maldives, UAE, etc such as Great Offshore, SEAMEC, Delhi International Airport (P) Limited etc.


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